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Power Press

In the ever-changing global market, SEYI Machinery consistently exceeds standards of excellence and achieves continued growth. High quality supply of SE series straight side crankless presses, SM1 series heavy stamping link motion presses, SM1 series heavy stamping link motion presses, SM2 series link driving high speed straight side presses.


Fair Oaks Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures high-speed power presses ranging from 30 tons to 300 tons. Over the years, we have firmly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer in Taiwan. With a reputation for unyielding quality standard and professionalism, we provide our customers with advanced power presses with great value, which comes from rich features, high performance, sturdy construction, simple operation, easy maintenance, as well as responsive and quality service.


‧4 Column Hydraulic Press ‧Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press ‧Pneumatic Press
‧Air Press ‧Hydraulic Die Spotting Press ‧Post Guide and Straight Side Press
‧Bulge Forming Machine ‧Hydraulic Die Tryout Press ‧Power Press
‧C- Frame Hydraulic Press ‧Hydraulic Forming Press ‧Press
‧Cold and Warm Forging Press ‧Hydraulic Plywood Press ‧Press Brake
‧Counter Pressure Fluid Forming Press ‧Hydraulic Hot and Cold Forging Press ‧Punch Press
‧Cross Shaft Press ‧Hydraulic Press ‧Punching Machine
‧Die Spotting Press ‧Hydraulic Press Brake ‧Reversing Type Spotting Press
‧Double Crank and Single Press ‧Hydraulic Punch Press ‧Shearing Machine
‧Double Crank Press ‧Hydraulic Scrap Baler Machine ‧SMC Press
‧Double Point Link Press ‧Hydraulic Shearing Machine ‧Single Crank Press
‧Eccentric Press ‧Hydro Forming Press ‧Stainless Elbow Forming Press
‧Forging Press ‧Hydro Pneumatic Press ‧Stainless Steel Fitting Forming Machine
‧Heavy Duty Precision Press ‧Mechanical Press ‧Straight Side Double Crank Press
‧Heavy Stamping Link Motion Press ‧Metal Foring Press ‧Straight Side Press
‧Hemming Machine ‧NC Hydraulic Press Brake ‧Transfer Press
‧Hemming Press ‧Open Back Power Press ‧Universal Hydraulic Press Brake
‧High Speed Press ‧PCB and CCL Laminating Hot Press  

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